Wednesday, November 20, 2019

NCEA DVC Results comparisons

Last year, I did a results comparison of my Year 11 class over the last few years. I just did this class as it was my inquiry group last year. Blog post here.

I have decided this year to do a similar thing to track all year groups.
Link to spreadsheet here

I have been trying to see patterns. I have failed at that to be honest.
At Level 2 and 3 the conceptual design standard continues to be poorly attempted. This is on my list to improve next year and I have already made a start on that by redoing the Level 2 planning and have sent it off to be moderated by another Technology teacher.
It is always GREAT to get another set of eyes on my planning as I am the only DVC teacher at Tamaki. When I get feedback that gives input and suggestions about what to add to improve the planning or pointing out tings that I have overlooked, I LOVE it. I always try to treat this planning moderation process as sneaky PD as I learn loads from it. (thanks Terry!) Getting the work externally moderated by NZQA is a whole other story though.
I am so disappointed with the effort overall in the Level 1 course. So much unfinished work. There is a lot in Level 2 as well and it is because of this I have finally got my head around using Workspaces as a means to keep on top of things better next year. My workspaces journey is on this label on my blog.

Things that I am taking forward next year from previous inquiry work.

  1. Use of SOLO structure to support written elements of the design projects
  2. The literacy structure for analysis writing.
  3. The mindset work to improve confidence.
  4. Clear layout of my class site to support project flow.
  5. Rewindable learning elements so students can always look back on what they and the class have done.
  6. Go back to using Google Plus communities (now that Google has decided not to bin it for education) so that students can see each others work and the work of past students. I only used it for my Year 13 class this year as I didn't start it with the other classes due to not knowing if it was going to go.

I find it fascinating that the things I really think will improve outcomes for my students are not related to drawing!

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