Tuesday, April 17, 2018

EdTech Summit Auckland - 2018 - Day 2 Keynote

Once Upon Our Time
Lindsay Wesner

Do we see the technology in the classroom as the enemy?
Does teaching have a "plug and play" formula?
Do we just do it a certain way as that is the way we were taught?

Be brave, try new things, fail. Try high risk things on your classroom. Some things will work.
If you can't be brave all the time, then pretend.
Magic happens outside your comfort zone not inside it.

People need to be honest about how it feels to be outside of their comfort zone.

Education, technology, passion - the cross over is the sweet spot.

What is innovation?
"Innovation is change that unlocks new value"
Jamie Notter

If you stand at the point of conflict and choose not to be brave, then you miss out and so do your students.
What does the climax of your story need to look like? Can you imagine it? The teachers story is linked to the students story.

How might we leverage this culture of digital documentation?
How can we engage them in things that they want to document it?

What would education look like if students are given the chance to tell their stories?

Social media companies are all getting on board with a "story telling" feature.

Do we as teachers share our teaching stories outside of our circle of "edu peeps"?
We are those who shape the narrative of education.
Positive stories / positive hashtags - what affect would this have on education?

Which problem would you like to solve?
How can you do it if you don't allow students access to everything that could help them?

The real world is not a different context or problem every 50 minutes.
"but" is your enemy!
What is your "but" that stands in your way?
Time - how do we see time? How do we spend time? Give the time needed for the problem, not fit the task to the time.
Curriculum - "but i have to cover the curriculum" ... always!!  - just because the teacher covered it does not mean that the students learnt it.
The curriculum is not the problem, our mindset is the problem.
Fear - this is a real thing that teachers go through for many reasons.

Our weapons
"a small group of committed people can change the world"
"Stories are a communal currency of humanity"
Tahir Shah

There are people that watch things happen
There are people who make things happen
There are people who go "oh ...what happened?"

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