Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Manaiakalani Class OnAir Lesson 4 - Describing Card Game

Direct Instruction
The students are working in pairs and are playing a card game. This involves them DESCRIBING the product that is on the card to their partner.
When we were all together, we played a game with a pack of emoji cards to warm us up. The instructions for the rest of the lesson was to sit in pairs and use the help cards to describe to each other what is pictured on the cards.

Lesson Topic :- Describing Products to Each Other
Year Group :-  Year 11
Learning Outcome
To be able to describe a product / object to each other verbally.

Success Criteria
Using SOLO

Extended abstract
Students can identify the products on the cards.
Students can describe the products on the cards in simple “bullet point” sentences.
Students can describe what the products look like, what they are made of and why.
They can explain how the products on the cards are used.
Students can reflect on the descriptions of the products on the cards and ask questions that will help them clarify what they know.

Links with the New Zealand Curriculum

NCEA Level 1 - Curriculum Level 6

Outcome development and evaluation

Critically analyse their own and others’ outcomes to inform the development of ideas for feasible outcomes. Undertake ongoing experimentation and functional modelling, taking account of stakeholder feedback and trialling in the physical and social environments. Use the information gained to select, justify, and develop a final outcome. Evaluate this outcome’s fitness for purpose against the brief and justify the evaluation, using feedback from stakeholders.

  • Thinking - looking at the picture of the product / object and deciding the best way to describe it to their partner. 
  • Using language, symbols, and texts - verbally describing to each other using design terminology. 
  • Managing self - staying focussed on the task as it is not just themselves they are affecting if they don’t. 
  • Participating and contributing - joining in the activity to make sure the team works together. 
  • Relating to others - working in a pair and listening to each other.
Prior knowledge
We have started talking about design work as a whole class and doing describing exercises all together.
Lesson Sequence

Session Outline
The class will be working in pairs where they will be playing a card game.
They will take turns to describe the object that is shown on the cards, using the prompt questions if they need to.
Student Activity
Teacher Activity
  • The class will sit together to listen to the teacher give a brief outline of the task. 
  • The students have the help questions to guide them if they want to use them. 
  • They will be reminded to think in a similar way to how we have been doing the whole class descriptions.
  • Explain the rules of the game to the class. 
  • Work in pairs. 
  • One student to pick a card and describe what the picture is to the other student. 
  • The question card can be used if the description is lacking detail. 
  • As many guesses can be done as needed. 
  • General overseeing of the sequence of the lesson. 
  • Making sure the iPads are set up to record as many conversations as possible. 
  • Uploading the videos of the discussions from the iPads to the class community.
  • Students sit in pairs to do this activity. 
  • Lay out the cards face down between them and take turns to choose one. 
  • One student to describe the product / object that is pictured on the card while the other student tries to guess what it is. 
  • If they guess the card is theirs.
  • The discussions / descriptions will be recorded and shared in the class Google Plus Community for everyone to watch each other’s.
Sets of cards with images on them ( enough sets for 1 between 2 )
Link to drive folder - these have been printed out to use in the lesson.
Emoji card game - for the warm up.
Next Steps
Next Lesson
We will continue to do whole class describing of products / things at the start of each lesson.
Further in this project
Describing skills will be used both in their research of existing chair designs and of their own design work.
Reflection and Analysis

What went well.

Lesson Content :- doing the warm up at the start was good as it got the students interested and they were all joining in.

Lesson Pacing :- I allowed them to take as much time as they wanted for the game, and this ended up being about 15 minutes which was good. They stayed on task for the whole activity so this amount of time was just right.

Lesson Delivery :- Although the start of the lesson had the students around the front table for a while, it was a more interactive session as we did the warm up card game all together. I managed to keep my session instructions super short this time so the students could then get on with the activity in pairs. This enabled me to get round the class as they were working and work with the pairs rather than spend too much time with the whole class.

Student Understanding :- They worked well together and helped each other. This helped their understanding and taking turns helped with this too. They seemed to get more comfortable with the describing as the game went on.

Student Outcomes :- I was pleased with the amount of fun they had while doing this activity.

What still needs work.

Lesson Content :- I photocopied / printed the images onto paper so we had to hide the game cards under a sheet of paper so the students could not see what they were as they were a little see through. Card would have been better as you would not have been able to see what they were from the back.

Student Outcomes :- Only 6 students were there today due to various trips out today so the rest of the class missed this.

Other Comments.

It became apparent as they were working that they realised that when they explained how the object was used, it made it a lot clearer what the object was. One team especially was avoiding explaining how the thing could be used as it gave their opponent more chance to guess what it was.
I hope they remember this as they are describing their own designs. Explaining how their design is used or how parts of it work will really help with the understanding of what their design is.

This is some of the ongoing lesson during the describe game.

I have included the full 15 minutes of the game for each team here. I decided to do this as their conversations for the whole time were focussed on the task and they were working hard at the describing that they had to do. These videos also show that they were having fun while doing the activity. Please scrub through to see different sections throughout the videos.

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

This is the card game we were playing in the warm up


  1. Fabulous lesson for developing language concepts and vocabulary.
    Where did you get the emoji game?
    I really the game you made up - do you mind if I use your resource to trial with some of our students ?

    1. Hi Donna
      Thanks a lot. I got the Emoji game at Paper Plus in St Heliers. Do you want me to check if they have any more for you?
      Help yourself to the resources for the game I made.