Monday, April 16, 2018

EdTech Summit Auckland - 2018 - Session 3

Teaching Computational Thinking and Coding with Scratch (and CS First)
Anthony Speranza

Scratch 3.0 is coming out this year.
Digital technologies is the way the world is going so it is important for students to know about it. We teach art and music to all students and they don’t all become artists and musicians so there is no expectation for all students to become programmers.
CS First website - takes you through structured lessons to cover the content / projects.
Tutorial videos are included - and help and support sheets and forums - the teacher does not have to feel like they need to know everything.
Scratch 3.0 does not work on flash so it will rock on anything.
Devices like sphere etc can be coded from Scratch 3.0 via Bluetooth.
Scratch jr has a specific Chromebook app.
If the videos are too overwhelming then on the right of the scratch screen is step by step help and support.

Resources from the session

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