Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Making Reading Activities from the NZQA Exemplars

I had a really good meeting with +Cheryl Harvey (specialist classroom teacher) today about various things and one of them was finding reading activities about design for my students to use.
She suggested that we have a look at the exemplars on the NZQA website for the standard that the students have just started. Link to exemplar work on the NZQA site here.
She said it is good for students to see the work of others across New Zealand. This also fits with what I saw happening in the classroom of +Robyn Anderson when I went to visit her. Blog post here.

I decided for their first reading task, that I would isolate just one design from each level, via a screen shot,  and type up the student notes with that design, rather than have my students try to read the hand writing on the examples.

I am going to also copy what Robyn did in regards to printing these out and getting the students to highlight key elements with highlighter pens.
Design terms, sentence connectors, descriptions, reasons given for decisions made etc.....

Excellence Exemplar

Merit Exemplar

Achieved Exemplar

Not Achieved Exemplar

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