Monday, April 16, 2018

EdTech Summit Auckland 2018 - Session 1

Digital Tools for Student Voice
Jan-Marie Kelly

Why do we want student voice?
What tools can we use?
What do you use it for? What kind of questions ? What are you trying to find out?
You can add a file as an answer on a google form - students can add photos as an answer.
On google slides - get students to have a slide each then you can use the grid view to see all the responses of the class together.

My Maps - you can import information from a spreadsheet created from a Google Form - it asks you what columns you want to include.
It will ignore bad spelling as it can not recognize it as a place name.

Flip grid - collect videos of student voice - you can have one free grid but add different topics in the grid. They can see each other’s responses.

Google forums and groups - need to be over 13 to use these with students.

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