Tuesday, April 17, 2018

EdTech Summit - Auckland - Session 6

Planning for all Learners - Multimodal Teaching and Design
Kate Harland and James Hopkins

Factories churn out things - does education churn out people?
Education came about because of the need to fill factory jobs - learn a bit  - get assessed - learn a bit more - get assessed on a bit more.
Are we giving students the chance to not fit in to this system?
Is education fast food?

Those most likely to succeed? - documentary
The more different ways you learn something, the more you will remember it.
Learners engage in different ways so why do we standardise everything?
Learning is not constricted by four walls so why only do the teaching there? Also the time? It does not happen between 9 and 3, especially the students who have loads of responsibilities at home. A students best learning time is anytime which is good for them so the learning needs to be accessible at any time.
This all changes the job of teaching to different parts of the day too.
On the examples - Google Drawings are used mostly to show the activities. The students choose which activities to engage in from the drawing.
There is a time limit for the drawing - in terms on lessons / weeks etc - the students do not have to do all of the tasks on the drawing.
Different ways of learning the content, presented in different ways, outcomes to be created in different ways.
There is always a create / do connected with all the blocks.

Example Google Drawing Multimodal  - first attempt - Art Deco

You curate the content that you want the students to go to - boundaries - zig zag through them as they want.

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