Tuesday, April 17, 2018

EdTech Summit Auckland - 2018 - Session 8

My Space - Within and Beyond the Walls
James Hopkins

Teach who is in front of you nor what is behind you.
Teach the students not the curriculum.

A learning environment is not defined by a physical space.
A line has to be drawn for teachers to say "no" after a certain time, but this does not affect when the students actually work.

How many ways are the student sin your classroom accessing their learning at the moment?
How are they linked?

The best piece of tech in the classroom is the teacher!!

Rewindable learning is good for reminding students what they did when they do not have access to you as the teacher.

Caves, campfires and watering holes.
Different areas in the room.

Finding the commonalities on the ways we like to learn - in small groups then pulling it out for the whole class.

Plan the spaces in the room from the responses to this.
Plan the big areas for commonalities then use the edges for the areas that are left.
The spaces need to change to the requirements of who is there at the time.

How have you got the content laid out on your site so it is obvious what the priorities are and what you want people to see first?
The physical space is organised for the students.
The online space needs to cater for wider than that. 

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