Tuesday, April 17, 2018

EdTech Summit Auckland 2018 - Extra Stuff

Demo slam

Slam 1
You tube - camera icon has plus button. You can live stream from there or record. 

Slam 2
Replace the edit bit of a doc


Slam 3
Bitsbox - coding for kids

Slam 4
Making a map of results on a spreadsheet. 
Puts it on a map. 

Slam 5
Assessment means to sit beside. 
Check mark - chrome extension 

Ignite Sessions

Dorothy Burt
Tomorrow’s schools. Changes coming. Pivot task force report from 30 years ago sounds kind of familiar now. 
The heArt of the matter. 1950’s
Innovative teachers of the time. 
Elwyn S Richardson
Where has the creation gone? It is in the curriculum but planning needs to happen for it to happen in the classroom. 
Kids want to create and do stuff. 
Plan for opportunities to be creative. 
Will Smith YouTube Channel

Anthony Speranza
The power of stories
Hope - drives us to do something. 
Collection of where educational change is happening around the world. 
What makes a good learner?
Teacher and student answers to that question are very different. 
What is our impact and how do we know?
Most Likely to Succeed - movie
What is happening outside of school that makes it more appealing than what is going on inside school?
What is seducing about YouTube ?

If we want our students to take risks then the teachers need to take risks too. The teachers also need to supply the space for the students to take the risks. 

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